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Karyn Washington, founder of the For Brown Girls blog, has died of an apparent suicide, reports The influential blogger was only 22 years old.

Washington’s blog celebrated self-love, particularly among dark-skinned women. She also launched the #DarkSkinRedLip project after rapper A$AP Rocky suggested that darker-skinned women should avoid crimson lips. Following her lead, thousands of women of color posted photos of themselves proudly rocking red lips using the hashtag.

While working earnestly to empower women of all races and colors, Washington was also dealing with personal struggles. According to a friend, she had been battling depression and was also finding it hard to deal with the loss of her mother.

Black women, who often shoulder so much burden and to admit any weakness of the mind and body is to be considered defective. Vulnerability is not allowed. Tears are discouraged. Victims are incessantly blamed. We are hard on our women, and suffer as a result.

When your community tells you that you’re better off praying than seeking the advice of medical professionals and medication, you feel shame when you feel your mind is breaking. There is no safe place. To admit to any mental frailty is to invite scorn and mockery.

Mental Illness is Real



This is such a huge loss. 

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Buffy Summers → Sam Winchester: parallels 1/2

This actually kind of blew my mind. 

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Ready for battle

The dog of war? (She looks fierce.) 

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Delineator Magazine fashions, April 1925

I want the green outfit. Maybe without the bow.

Relevant to my interests. 

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Best ever. 

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Elizabeth Montgomery

GODDESS. My first idol. I was *thisclose* to acquiring a Bewitched book when I was an editor — it was my dream project. 

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Oof. I’m going to be so sad when this series ends. 

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16 out of 16 women are nationally diverse. From Spanish to American, Native American to English, Greek, Irish, Hawaiian, Scottish to South African, Indian, German, Middle Eastern, to Chinese. They are all lovely women from all over the world with all different skin tones, facial features, body sizes, names and personalities.

Love this. 

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Full details about the #Speak4RAINN15 campaign.

Please help rape survivors speak up and heal! Giving $15 will change a life.

Love Laurie. Love SPEAK. What a great campaign.

This was the book that hooked on me on YA again, after years away. It’s an incredible book, and an important campaign.