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magic girls fallen stars

they are the cosmos come to rest in bodies of flesh and bone, with supernova eyes and black hole hearts, entire universes trapped inside. sometimes the stars leak through and worlds drip from their fingers like blood. they are careless destruction incarnate, all the secrets of space bound to earth in a form that can barely contain them, and even then not for long.

New ideas for tattoos. I like. 

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the world is in your hands

This is wild. 

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Tattoo - Alice picking a book.

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This is seriously the coolest tattoo I have ever seen. 



Michelle Tarantelli @ Saved Tattoo

This is GORGEOUS. Beautiful color and detail. 

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I love the stars. ›

Those are some impressive tattoos. And I have to wonder if getting them in that era was even more painful. 



”She flies with her own wings”

from Mia,all the way in Croatia :)

Love this. 

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